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Established 2007


Trax Kinetic Pte Ltd is an experienced and trusted moving specialist that can handle your heavy equipment. We offer full services for all our clients – giving you professional and expedite solutions for all your heavy transportation needs.
When you come to Trax Kinetic Pte Ltd, we will understand your needs and requirements before providing you with a quote.

At Trax Kinetic Pte Ltd, we are equipped to re-position sophisticated and sensitive machinery and equipment within our customers’ premises. We also specialize in packing and warehousing facilities for customers who require them. Our team of highly trained personnel are prepared with the know how on handling extra sensitive machinery and equipment in a clean room or ‘raised floor’ environment.

 “To provide the best service with zero accident”


Our team of professional movers who has accumulated more than 10 years of experience and independent technical resources in the logistic field, will provide you with ultimate service from the start until completion of job.


To ensure a peace of mind, our company will provide insurance coverage with public liability during the course of relocation.


We provide efficient solutions and keeping the costs down to meet all your transportation needs.

We believe our commitment and dedication to you will blossom into long-term business relationships.

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